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SMK company is the official Iran distributor of Korg products, founded in 2010 in order to provide players the newest additions of Korg family products such as Pianos, Keyboards and more!

Our main end is to satisfy our customers with our huge variety of products and excellent customer services.

With more than 10 years of experience in selling musical gear, SMK Company is ready to provide it’s services around the country.


Update #46 – Pa4X

Update #46 is about the new applications of Pa4X. You can see the details and download the update here.


Monthly Introduction

SV1The Pleasure of ExcitementExtreme AccuracyUnique Technology


SV1 is continuing to impress players since 2009. With the amazing RX technology, you can dial in amazing tones that are pretty identical to the real sounds. Korg engineers captured all the nuances so that you can have a great feel when you play with SV1.

You can Dial the sound in your head with the Korg SV1. The RH3 full weighted keys gives you a real piano feel. With all these specs, SV1 is one of the Korg’s most popular keyboards to date.

30 years of experience
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